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“Path to Living your best life” 


This challenge is about taking a leap of faith in yourself and building up the courage to get into the "Investing Game" and strengthening the foundation that you already have. 


The challenge consists of 5 days of simple tasks to…..

Own Stock, Precious Metal(s), and Cryptocurrency


On Days 1 and 2 we spend some time finding the money we already have 

On Days 3 and 4 here we are sitting there with these piles of money we are going to invest...Instead of letting it slips through our fingers

On Day 5 we celebrate


To prepping for the Challenge we start with Member Introductions posted to the FB site where you share your commitment and personal goals for the challenge. 


Day 1) Canceling unused Memberships & Subscriptions /

reducing expenses to free up $30 or more

Day 2) Sell something you don’t need or is the limit with this one

Day 3) Invest in Precious Metal - why you should consider this asset as an investment

Day 4) Own Cryptocurrency for FREE 

Day 5) Celebrations & Accomplishments

5 Day Investing Challenge

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