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We are updating our online resources to make your journey to wealth even better.


Women in Action 

Fired UP!

to Build Wealth

A woman in action is an unstoppable force. She is like a flame; fired UP, energized, activated and ALIVE.

The journey to financial freedom is ignited by focused, bold and intentional movement and the “Women In Action” collective is designed to ignite every woman’s innate ability to manifest wealth.

We invite every woman to release her inner “FIRESTARTER by joining the Women In Action community


Journey to wealth was founded by Alicia Holmes to give women of color the tools to free ourselves, our families, and our community from the vicious cycle of financial uncertainty. Wealth is not exclusively reserved for the lucky or privileged - it is also available for those who properly plan and prepare for the future.


Our programs will teach you how to develop the financial knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior to build wealth. Generation after generation, even with income and educational games over the past several decades, most African-Americans are unable to break the cycle of financial insecurity.


We frequently feel trapped in complex and often discouraging financial situations that make it seem impossible to achieve financial stability, generate wealth, or build in financial legacy for our families.Journey to wealth was inspired by the desire to uplift women and our communities for economic success and financial liberation.

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Alicia Holmes "The Wealth Whisperer"

Financial Coach, and Educator founded Journey to Wealth in 2016, and her goal is to provide women of color with the tools to create a mindset shift, get out of debt and build their net worth - with a high focus on the game-changing benefits of investing in innovation technology.

Her vision has expanded and she has enrolled an entire community of women to join her in the mission and she has co-founded a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, a community-led entity with a shared mission, called Disruptor DAO. Disruptor DAO's mission is to empower black and Latinx women with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to build wealth in the 5th Industrial Revolution NOW and for generations to come. The expansion of Blockchain Technology can be the great equalizer for our communities.

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Get better returns on your investments:
Apply what you learn

Investing in Stocks/ETFs, Options, Crypto

Be prepared and Take Action - Eliminate fear and hesitation


  • Coaching is the fastest and most effective way to improve your trading.

  • These sessions are all about being a prepared, consistent, and strategic investor.

  • You will increase knowledge and confidence.

  • Practice is going to get you where you want to be financially.

VIP Membership Only

 VIP Sessions:​

  • JTW Building Businesses today: Upleveling your business in the digital economy (webinars and workshops)

  • VIP Exclusive events with industry leaders (Quarterly)

  • Real Estate Investing mastermind sessions and more

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Helping Women build generational wealth 

Enrollment is by invitation only!



Reversing generational cycles is serious work. When you become a Women In Action member, you’ll be supported not just by me, but by a community of supportive sisters who learn, grow, and build wealth together.

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